The Currency of Gratitude

Grateful Resources

Thank you Token FAQs

Common questions and useful answers for token givers and receivers

Printable Project Reminder Handout Cards

Print and hand out to help spread the word of our project. A helpful reminder for those you meet in the real world.

Printable ThankYouToken Gratitude Cards

Print and affix a ThankYouToken to express a personal message of gratitude.

Ever-growing List of Gratitude

What are you grateful for?

The Thank You Tokens Pledge 

With tokens come great responsibility.

Smile and Say Gratitude

Our favorite quotes on kindness and gratitude

We’re So Grateful for Music!

Songs of gratitude that warm our hearts

Mission Sisters (and Brothers)

Like-minded and -hearted resources (websites & articles) to help you find & appreciate goodness and gratitude in the world.