The Currency of Gratitude


The Thank You Tokens Story

Lovebirds Scott & Gina – gratitude enthusiasts & dreamer-upers of ThankYouToken

Hop aboard our gratitude train! 

We’re Scott and Gina – married to one another and in love with the idea of creating a more grateful world! We’re on a mission to acknowledge and encourage courtesy, kindness and altruism among our fellow human beings. We hope our passion for this project inspires you to hop aboard our gratitude train and help us get this endeavor off the ground!

Get involved to make our world better!

We’ve established this Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to make and distribute Thank You Tokens. The tokens will be used as a “currency of gratitude,” to acknowledge actions you identify as kind, courteous or just plain nice. Catch someone in the act of being selfless? Great! Give them a Thank You Token to let them know you noticed! Wouldn’t it be lovely, in this often negative and pessimistic world, to be actively on the lookout for those doing good things – and to have a physical way to say, “Thank you!” And once they’ve been thanked, they’re encouraged to recognize a kindness done to them by giving their token to someone else, thereby keeping the circle of gratitude going!

Our ultimate goal is to establish as a distributer of packages of Thank You Tokens for sale. The goal for now is to get these tokens out there into the world where they can gain some recognition-value and context. The tokens will be customized, poker chip-sized plastic rounds with our logo and information about what receiving a Thank You Token signifies. But Thank You Tokens won’t live in a vacuum. There will also be a fun, informational, inspirational website that will encourage and support your token-giving enthusiasm.

How can you get you some Thank You Tokens?

We’re glad you asked! Become one of our Gratitude Ambassadors to get some tokens and start spreading the gratitude! If you’ve read this far, we believe you, like us, are one of the “good ones.” And we thank you for that! Together, we can make a better world – one token at a time!