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ThankYouToken Wants to Acknowledge Kindness

ThankYouToken Wants to Acknowledge Kindness

Earlier this year, my husband and I undertook a bold initiative we called ThankYouToken. It was a little project with a big heart! We were on a mission to promote kindness by providing a means for people to show gratitude for kindnesses they experienced or witnessed: ThankYouToken. We created a Kickstarter project and it ran for several weeks in the spring. Alas, we did not get fully funded and so ThankYouToken did not go into production.

We created this website to describe in detail our ThankYouToken plan for world dominance through appreciating (and thereby promoting) kindness. When funded, physical ThankYouToken would have been manufactured and distributed to our backers, who in turn would have become our Kindness Ambassadors.

As you can see, we put a great deal of thoughtful energy and passion into ThankYouToken. The fact that we didn’t ultimately get funded was more an issue of lack of traction of our promotional efforts – not for lack of enthusiasm or dedication to the cause. It was disheartening to say the least because we were totally gung-ho to make ThankYouToken a real “thing” for our world that’s sorely in need of more kindness and gratitude.

On this World Kindness Day, I’m taking the opportunity to present ThankYouToken to an audience who, by your interest in the topic of kindness itself, may see potential in our project. We would LOVE to try again to get ThankYouToken funded – our enthusiasm hasn’t waned a bit for the cause. We welcome any and all comments, advice, reactions and expressions of interest in ThankYouToken. Please, let us know that you understand and appreciate our mission; that you feel our dedication and willingness to make this happen; and that you would be interested in backing us if we were to launch another Kickstarter campaign for ThankYouToken.

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  • I still love the idea. I was there before and would love to be with you as you try again. Wishing you good luck 🤞🙏💜

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