The Currency of Gratitude

Please, For the Love of Ourselves, Let’s Hold On To Our Humanity!

…people, it’s all we’ve got.

Here we are, entrenched in yet another contentious day, politically, socially, emotionally. We are a world running on raw nerves these days. So often we’re triggered (by events, attitudes, actions…) to switch off the essential qualities that make us human: compassion, empathy and social connectedness. We harden our minds and hearts as a protective armour against what we see as attacks to our very ideals. I suppose it’s only natural to strive to protect ourselves against perceived threats, be they real or imagined.

These are times when I wish I were more than who I am. Times when I wish I were in some way more influential than “L’il ol’ G” in the Midwest with nary a soapbox on which to be heard. Times when I see and feel the hurt and fear in people by the way the act and speak toward one another. Times when cruelty and narcissism have replaced civility and kindness. Indeed, these are times when I wish I were running the show (or at least some show) so I could declare a State of Niceness and have it be the rule of the land.

I have, in fact adopted an honorary title recently, dubbing myself, Grateful Gina, Minister of Gratitude. The only power I have in this position is to talk about my own “cure” for the disease that currently plagues our spirits. My belief is that it is through acts of kindness, large and small, we can drag ourselves from the mire and be reminded that the humanity that unites us is far stronger (and more important) than those things that are dragging us into the depths of emotional despair.

Basic design of ThankYouToken logo

To provide a tangible way to administer my cure for the inhumanity of our times, my husband and I have devised the concept of ThankYouTokens. They are exactly what they sound like – physical tokens – that will be exchanged among people to express an added measure of gratitude for kindnesses they acknowledge. We call them the “currency of gratitude.” Simple as that.

At present, however, ThankYouToken is only a dream. We have a Kickstarter campaign in full swing to gather funds to put the tokens into production. We’ve also built a comprehensive and ever-expanding website (which you are reading now) with inspiration and resources to empower people to find kindness in their everyday lives. We would appreciate any and all support you could give our project (monetary, spreading word in person or on social media) to help it come to fruition.

We believe that having physical tokens will help people adopt a kindness-seeking mindset, rather than a negative-seeking one. It would do us all, from young to old, a world of good to take time to find something worth saying “thank you” for. Please, for the love of…ourselves – we are worth a world of civility, courtesy and thoughtfulness. After all, we’re all we’ve got. This is on us to remedy. We believe we can have that, and that ThankYouToken can help, one token of thanks at a time.

Nobody can say – and sing – it better than Ms Ross!

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