The Currency of Gratitude

The Cure for What Ails Us

I came across this article on this week: How to Raise Grateful Kids in an Era of Thankless People. I read it with great enthusiasm, as it brings up one of the core issues ThankYouTokens is addressing in a very tangible way. I’ll wait here while you click through and read it for yourself…

To quote the article directly:

Gratitude depends on two other virtues: a positive attitude (seeing the good) and fortitude (coping with adversity). We won’t feel thankful unless we have a mind-set to recognize the positive things in our lives for which we should be grateful.

This illustrates the goals of our ThankYouToken project perfectly:

  • Creating a mindset of looking for, recognizing and acknowledging things that make us experience feelings of gratitude
  • Providing a physical means by which to express gratitude via ThankYouTokens
  • Combatting feelings of disillusionment by supporting gratitude via our website and we agree – the art of feeling grateful is often elusive. Fostering gratitude in ourselves and in future generations is key to ensuring a basic sense of happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment in our lives. Now is the time to recognize the insidious pessimism and turn the tide to enact change in our attitudes.

It’s no secret that negativity is running rampant. I’d dare to say it’s reached epidemic proportion. I’ll go ahead and diagnose the disease I see as:

Negative Outlook Disorder (NOD)

Symptoms of NOD include:

Chronic, pervasive disillusionment including tinges of depression, gloominess, overall dissatisfaction and pessimistic view of people, events and situations. NOD leads to grumpiness; feelings of detachment from fellow humans. Be advised that NOD is extremely contagious and is currently spreading wildly.

The good news is, there’s a proven treatment for NOD. You can help combat this disorder in yourself as well as in others. The treatment entails the use of kindness and acknowledgement of gratitude. This is easily implemented with ThankYouTokens. We prescribe the following – use as directed.


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