The Currency of Gratitude

Scientific Proof That Acknowledging Gratitude Makes You Happy

A sense of gratitude is always worth striving for because the very habit of looking beyond ourselves for signs of hopefulness and positivity can improve our overall outlook. Indeed, stepping outside our own immediate sphere to recognize kindness, compassion and thoughtfulness can make us feel more in tune with the goodness that’s always around us.

You needn’t just take our word for it. There are heaps of impressive research backing the idea that gratitude is a pathway to greater fulfillment. Here are three links to articles that illustrate this beautifully:

Giving thanks can make you happier via Harvard Medical School

How gratitude leads to a happier life via Psychology Today

Gratitude physically changes your brain, new study says via

Here’s hoping that no matter how discouraged you’re feeling or how dim the world seems, you can find a deeper sense of contentment through recognizing that which makes you grateful.

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