The Currency of Gratitude

Grateful Greetings as You Celebrate the Gifts of Spring!

A bellflower is a symbol of gratitude. Photo by Chelsea Stickel

Spring brings about a number of celebrations (Easter, Passover, Vernal Equinox to name a few) that represent  similar themes of renewal, hopefulness and gratitude. If you are inspired by those themes, you already understand what ThankYouTokens is all about. Our mission is to facilitate more of those positive feelings among our fellow human beings – not only at times of celebration, but every day!

Step one of our plan to increase kindness, consideration and thankfulness is to populate the world with ThankYouTokens. That’s where you can help! By backing our Kickstarter campaign and helping us get our project funded, we’ll be able to have ThankYouTokens manufactured. As a backer of our project, you become one of our Gratitude Ambassadors and will be sent a quantity of tokens to distribute to the considerate, kind people you encounter.

Step two, once ThankYou Tokens have been distributed around the world by our Gratitude Ambassadors, is to have more tokens made and offer them for sale on our website and possibly in brick-and-mortar locations.

Step three? Hopefully we all feel the benefit of our combined efforts to acknowledge and express gratitude, no matter the day, the season or the reason. Now THAT’s cause for celebration – wouldn’t you agree?

And speaking of feeling the benefit, give yourself the gift of experiencing this uplifting, hopeful, apt song for the next 11 1/2 minutes. You’ll be glad you did.

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