The Currency of Gratitude

Anatomy of Our Logo

Our commitment to ThankYouTokens is enormous, as you can tell. We’re taking care with every step of development to demonstrate how devoted we are to presenting ThankYouTokens as a real, viable enterprise. And that care extends to presentational details like our logo.

It may seem simple but it’s far from simplistic. We actually worked with a graphic designer, Mindy Reznik, to create a meaningful, eye-catching, very purposeful logo. The flower imagery is fairly straightforward, symbolizing growth and promise. The symbols that are the flowers themselves… well, they’re Buddhist symbols for gratitude. So rather than growing flowers, our purpose is growing gratitude.

And the simple circular lines flanking the words, “Thank You?” They’re meaningful as well, symbolizing movement; our desire to “Keep the circle of gratitude going.”

Like with gratitude, it’s the little things that make the biggest impact.

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