The Currency of Gratitude

Why Me?

Who hasn’t asked that question at any number of times throughout their life? This time, I’m asking it on your behalf – as in, “Why would you listen to me, some random woman out there, about kindness and gratitude?”

I don’t have a degree in Niceness or a Ph.D in Thankology; I have no credentials to prove expertise in any of this. My only experience comes from being a sensitive and articulate human being. That, quite literally, is what I offer as Grateful Gina, Your Minister of Gratitude. Using my actual human experiences, that have, like yours, been fraught with times of both despair and delight, I hope to help others to find more instances of happiness through acknowledging gratitude. That’s it in a nutshell. One person who has experienced highs and lows sharing her thoughts and insights with others who are experiencing their own.

My sincere desire is to bring to your focus more joy and less strife, one kindness at at time. I hope you’ll follow along and share my hope that by seeking out things for which we are grateful, we will make the world better, kinder, and more compassionate.

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