The Currency of Gratitude


…for Token Givers

Q: Who should I give a token to?

A: Basically, anyone who has done a “thank you worthy” act, to you or on behalf of someone else. Some examples of those to whom a Thank You Token could be given include:

  • Attentive waitstaff and other service providers (but recognize that a Thank You Token is NOT to be used instead of a tip – only in addition to one!)
  • Caregivers
  • Teachers
  • Mentors
  • Friendly clerks
  • Diligent co-workers
  • Members of the Clergy
  • Police Officers/Firefighters/First Responders
  • Military Personnel
  • Good Samaritans
  • Kind people
  • Helpful friends
  • Thoughtful neighbors
  • Considerate strangers
  • and the list goes on and on and on…

Q: What should I say when giving someone a Thank You Token?

A: Examples:

“I saw how you gave your seat to that elderly/disabled/tired-looking person. That was really kind. I’d like to give you this token of thanks for being considerate.”


“Thank you for shifting your schedule around so you could support my big performance. It means a lot to me that you made me a priority.”


“I know that unsupervised child is being rude. I admire the way you spoke to her/him in a kind way, even though you must feel annoyed.”

Q: What if the token I offer is refused?

That’s totally ok. Tokens should never be imposed on anyone or cause someone feel uncomfortable. Just smile and say your “thank you” from a comfortable distance.

…for Token Recipients

Q: Why did I get this token?

A: First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! The Thank You Token you received signifies that someone noticed you being a kind/considerate/thoughtful person and wanted to show their appreciation.

Q: What does this token mean?

A: It simply means “thank you.” It’s a pat on the back for being a nice person.

Q: What do I do now?

A: We hope that you’ll take a moment to contemplate your act of kindness and bask for a moment in the knowledge that you made someone’s day better. You may not have even thought about what you did; but they did. Next, we hope, you’ll keep the token with you until you find someone you feel deserves it and pass it along to that kind person. Eventually, our plan is to make our tokens trackable through the printed number via our website. Once that functionality is enabled, you’ll be able to track your token’s journey of gratitude and the stories of gratitude of which it has been a part.

Q: I want to acknowledge and encourage much more kindness. How do I get more tokens?

A: At this time, Thank You Tokens are only available to our Gratitude Ambassadors who contribute to our Kickstarter campaign. Hopefully, our Kickstarter campaign is a huge success and we meet/exceed our contribution goal. If/when that happens, you’ll be able to order Thank You Tokens at

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