The Currency of Gratitude

Ever-growing list of gratitude

There are countless things for which a person can feel grateful. Here are some of the ones we’ve encountered to inspire you to find more.

Thank you for:

  1. Being a friend (Sorry for the cliche’ beginning to the list but it’s true, right?)
  2. Showing me beauty has many definitions
  3. Using your signal
  4. Letting me go ahead of you
  5. Sharing your beautiful smile
  6. Noticing me
  7. Appreciating my effort
  8. Making a special effort
  9. Volunteering to help
  10. Donating
  11. Being there for me
  12. Helping me through a tough time
  13. Picking me up when I’d fallen
  14. Setting me straight
  15. Putting someone else first
  16. Bringing a ray of sunshine
  17. Sharing your story
  18. Making the effort
  19. Taking the load off me
  20. Making me feel special
  21. Giving of your precious time
  22. Caring about a stranger
  23. Your honesty
  24. Showing me that love comes in many forms
  25. Helping me to trust
  26. Your patience
  27. Your grace under pressure
  28. Renewing my faith in humanity
  29. Making the most of a bad situation
  30. Comforting me when I was suffering
  31. Giving me an opportunity
  32. Listening without judgement
  33. Sharing your knowledge
  34. Going above and beyond
  35. Your understanding
  36. Your compliment
  37. Finding the silver lining
  38. Going the extra mile
  39. Reminding me to appreciate the little things
  40. Putting principle above anything else
  41. Taking the high road
  42. Seeing the big picture
  43. Loving unconditionally
  44. Helping someone in need
  45. Hashing out our differences
  46. Demonstrating respect
  47. Your graceful acceptance
  48. Your help in a crisis
  49. Your attention to detail
  50. Your fresh perspective
  51. A memorable experience
  52. Your understanding nature
  53. Your unwavering support
  54. Heartfelt welcome
  55. A happy surprise
  56. An unforgettable experience
  57. Sharing a heartwarming memory
  58. Going out of your way
  59. Reminding me to be thankful for what I have
  60. Speaking out against an injustice
  61. Sharing your talent
  62. Shouldering a burden
  63. Setting a good example
  64. For saying “please”
  65. For meeting my gaze; we are equals
  66. Giving me a reason to keep going
  67. Respecting my opinion
  68. Accepting my help
  69. Helping me see the truth
  70. Keeping me safe
  71. Demonstrating concern for the wellbeing of others
  72. Your selfless cooperation
  73. Brightening my perspective
  74. Respecting my opinion

Post what you’re thankful for in the comments and it could show up on our list!

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